Best Oncologist in India

Best Oncologist in India | Top 10 Cancer Specialist in India

What is medical oncology?

Medical oncology is the discipline of realizing the support drug of cancer, that is to say, using the chemotherapy, the hormonal therapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapies. It also takes care of care of support, that is to say, the support of all the other problems related to cancer or the adverse effects of treatment: pain, fatigue, nutritional problems, digestive, respiratory and genito-urinary tract, motors, dental…, but also social and psychological. The causes and types of cancer are extremely varied, as are the organs affected and the effects on the health.

What is an oncologist?

The role of the medical oncologist is to understand the cause(s) of cancer, identify the type, usually in cooperation with the pathologist, the severity, extent. Once the diagnosis of cancer in mind, it offers a therapeutic strategy. It is discussed with other specialists – surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, radiotherapists. – in the framework of consultations of multidisciplinary (RCP) to ensure the consideration of all possible options. When medical treatment is withheld, the medical oncologist will :

  • prescribing the selected medicines
  • follow their administration
  • check their effectiveness
  • follow their possible adverse effects

In this framework, it coordinates the care of support appropriate in administering the treatments and care that are suitable and/or appealing to other specialists.

When to see an oncologist?

The consultation of an oncologist is usually done at the request of the attending physician or another specialist when the presence of a tumour is suspected, or in the framework of the regular monitoring of a history of cancer.